A remote but pretty place

Dr. Lin Lin and the group

Dr. Lin Lin and the group

When my stay in Bhutan went to the end of our ten days package, I began familiar with the people, sounds and sights of the country. All might have been missed if without the further efforts of  the Managing Director and his team.

We were informed of the cancellation of our flight to Kathmandu when we arrived at our transit airport in China in the morning of 29 September 2015. After hours of calls, we were onboard an airflight to Bangkok in the end. We landed at Paro airport the next day as schduled thanks to Mr Dorji who followed up even when we were at Bangkok.

The tour to the central section of the country was really adventurous due to the current reconstruction of the narrow mountain roads; however the views were stunning and the snow capped mountains were magnificent in the blue sky. Our guide and driver also made a great deal of efforts to meet our expectations and keep up their flexibility to accommodate our new interests in the country. I may return if circumstances are favourable.

Li, Lin (Dr)

Beneficiary of SIRC-Nippon Foundation Fellowship

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