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logo_300pxDrukyul Holidays is a registered tour agent in Bhutan authorized by Tourism Council of Bhutan and accredited member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO).

We are comprised of a dedicated and committed team of hard working people who believes in making every trip a memorable and enjoyable for our valuable clients.

Drukyul Holidays is represented by the logo depicted here.

Drukyul Holidays have all required experiences to give you the best travel memory.dance1

We respect and consider our clients’ requirements. We can customize your travel programs according to your wish-list and prepare special itinerary for you and your group members any time.

We are registered and authorised travel agent certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our guides are all qualified and certified by the approving agency. We assure you that you will never regret in choosing us for your trip to Bhutan!

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hotelsDrukyul Holidays has got links with all well known hotels and resorts around the country. We will make sure to give you best experiences wherever you go.

You can browse all types of hotels and resorts in Bhutan by visiting a portal maintained by Hotels in Bhutan

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Special Events in Bhutan

Bhutan is the best place to organize your special events like wedding, honeymoon and study breaks. We will plan and conduct all your events in a traditional Bhutanese way including all required procedures and activities.

You can choose the best venue for your event or we can suggest the best location for your life-time events.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Travel Company
We have been in the travel business more than 13 years. We have all required experience to make your trip valuable and memorable.
Customer Oriented & Easy to Approach
We can do everything we can for our clients’ comfort while in Bhutan. You can approach our representatives through various means: phone, Skype, web, e-mail. Our responses are instant and we value your all your inquiries.
Authorised and Registered under Certifying Agency
Drukyul Holidays is a registered and certified travel agent. It is approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan and registered member of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators.
Custom Programs as per your Requirements
Drukyul Holidays can orient and design itineraries of any programs according to your requirements. We can customize duration, places and programs to include in your tour as per your suggestion. We will assure you to make your visit to Bhutan a all-inclusive program.
Processing of Required Travel Documents and Permits in Bhutan
Once you reserve your trip with Drukyul Holidays, all your required travel documents and necessary permits within Bhutan will be taken care of. We will make your trip as smooth and as enjoyable as we can.


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